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.naivity and childhood left behind.'s Journal

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Tuesday, November 16th, 2004
8:38 am
went home this past weekend. i mostly just relaxed and studied a bit for a couple tests. friday night i went to the phoenix w/ my parents and ate this really good crab bisque soup. yum. saturday i went to the mall w/ the family and got a new cell phone!!!!!!!! wooo it's a camera phone! so i've been obsessively taking pictures of many things haha. i took a test yesterday in my theatre class and it was realllly hard :-x. i have a 98% in there right now (yeah the class is THAT easy), but i have a feeling my grade will be dropping. there was 8 freaking extra credit questions on the test!!!!! i guess she knew everyone would do shitty. i have class at 930, so i better be getting ready. my life is boring, sorry i don't have anything interesting to say LOL

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Saturday, October 30th, 2004
8:45 pm
i haven't updated this thing in forever man.

college is.... boring LOL. slippery rock sucks man, don't go here! DONT DO IT MAN. this dorm is disgusting. and i hate all of the whores that live on my floor. assholes.

at least my grades are reallly good.

the other day, myself and nikki and jessica went on a hunt for an apartment for next year. we hope to get in these ones called "south rock apartments" they are sooooo nice. it's 1800 bucks a semester, but EVERYTHING is included. there's furniture and everything. and we'd even have our own washer and dryer. i'm hoping we get in there, but i doubt it cause we're only sophomores and theres a big waiting list.

today i went shopping at grove city outlet mall with megan, my parents, my grandma and my great aunt. it was good stuff. i bought a bunch of shit that i don't need, but oh well. and i had a really good dinner at 'elephant and castle'.

i have a huge history test on monday. it's all essay's too :-x. it's only our second test. i got a 89% on the first one, so i hope to get at least an 84% on this one.

and well, that's about all that's new here.

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Monday, August 2nd, 2004
4:12 pm
wow, i haven't updated this thing in forever!

last time i wrote, we weren't going to the beach, and that's not correct because we just came back friday :-D.

it was a blast.

myself, megan, nikki, stacey, jessica, tina and trista.

we had alot of fun.

the hotel was kinda shitty, but we made the best of it.

i'll write more later :-D.

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Friday, June 18th, 2004
10:42 pm - .
went to orientation at SRU today.

it was pretty boring :-x. lasted too many hours. the people are odd. etc.

i talked to one person all day, this girl from ohio, poor thing was there all alone so i had her eat lunch with me and my parents.

my classes are easy as shit (or so they seem). it's all history and english classes, no math or science this semester. tuesdays and thursdays i have 1 class from 930-1045.

mondays and wednesdays suck, but on a good note, if i wanna come home for the weekend my last class ends at noon so i can be home by 2 if i want to.

when we got home i went to emily's grad party. we played wiffleball <3. after a while i was getting pissed off and started to hit pretty decently haha.

i'm sooo sad, it seems that we're not going to the beach because only me, tina, and trista are gonna go and we can't afford it. please god let stacey or megan or both be allowed to go, they're our last hopes! :-(

yeah if anyone wants to come to the beach let me know LOL.

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